I Never Ask For It: #ReportingToRemember
#ReportingToRemember is a pledge to not forget instances of sexual violence that are long justified by individual persons, group or institution, in a position of power and influence. We are Reporting to Remember : incidents of sexual violence that have been justified and live in public collective memory. The Reporting To Remember project locates, collects and shares the number of incidents and cases of sexual violence that have been excused, hence allowed, across geographies and contexts. To contribute to Reporting To Remember is to be part of a collective process of generating evidence. This could be in the form of statements, news reports, articles, blogposts and other public documents.
The Reporting To Remember project values inclusivity in its reports and urges you to share statements from various spaces and locations, and relating to multiple genders, orientations, identities, and intersections. This archive is a collaborative effort and will be publicly shared and sourced.
*Reporting to Remember* is a collaborative open archive project as part of the "I Never Ask For It" PROJECT. It is being facilitated by Blank Noise along with project partners and allies.

Reporting To Remember is a collaborative archive project as part of the I Never Ask For It Mission. It is facilitated by Blank Noise and led by various Action Heroes, project allies and collaborators.

Do fill in this form, linking to documents, articles, or posts that you have come across in your contexts, communities and collective memories. that justify sexual violence. Once you fill in this form, share your entry via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ReportingToRemember.

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Email address *
What was said? List the statement made by the person or the institution in power. *
Example: "it was a misunderstanding between the two parties involved, between a lady and her client. it was not a rape. ”
Describe the event. *
Establish the context in which this statement was made.. Eg Politician from Trinamool Congress, Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar referred to the gang rape of Suzette Jordan, on Park Street, Kolkata, in 2012, as a 'misunderstanding', implying that Suzette was a prostitute. Suzette was not a sex worker. She was on a night out, having fun with her friends, and befriended a man at the bar in Park Hotel. It was late and Suzette had trouble finding public transport. The man from the bar offered to drop Suzette home. She got into his car. Four of his friends were also in the car. She was gang-raped at gun point, in the moving car. This followed an environment of The statement is being reported to remember, because it
Who said it? *
Name either the the person or institution that made the statement, or both if applicable. Example in Suzette Jordans case, it was Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, Politician, Trinamool MP.
When was the statement said/ When did the incident happen? *
Specify the date when the incident/statement was reported.
Please specify the state, province, district or city this statement applies to/was made in. Example in Suzette Jordans case, Kakoli Ghosh of TMC made the statement was made in Kolkata.
Country *
Specify the country that this statement applies to. Please write 'N/A' if Global or Region-specific. Example, in the case of Suzette Jordan, the country is India.
Where and how was the statement made *
eg. List all spaces the statement was made in, social media, inside a courtroom, press, at a police station, at a conference . For example, in the case of Suzette Jordan, the statement was made to the press.
What kind of space does the statement refer to? *
For example: urban, rural, school/university, workplace, public transport, courtroom, shopping centres, bar. For example in the case of Suzette Jordan, the spaces being referred to are bar and the rapists car.
Who was the statement targeting? What was the identity of the person or the community that was targeted *
You can include, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, caste, age, nationality, profession. For example in Suzette Jordan's case, it was targetting a single , divorced woman who was out and about in her city, Kolkata, at night.
When was the statement reported? *
When was this said, or date of article? (if you do not have the exact month or date, please approximate) Eg Kakoli Ghosh made the statement in February 2012.
Select a category - closest to your #ReportingToRemember research focus
Source *
Where did you find this report? Example: “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Times of India”, “BBC News” or “JSTOR”
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