Freelance Fundraisers Application
Euro Freelancers is a curated marketplace for consulting on-demand. We work with a number of startups which try to raise private capital and which require liaison with investors across Europe.

We are now accepting applications to strengthen our network of freelance consultants and raise private investment funding in Switzerland, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Nordics and Benelux. We are looking for experienced freelance fundraisers and boutique consultancies specialised in equity and investment funding.

Typical assignments may include:

- Draft 1 investors and investment events mapping in 1 selected country (eg VCs, Angels, Private Equity Firms)
- Improve customer's investment material (1 elevator pitch, 1 pitch deck, 1 business plan) on the basis of pre-supplied templates
- Send customer's investment material to investors and investment events identified in the mapping (point 1), respond to inquiries and follow up
- Organise calls / meetings for customers with investors
- Add and keep up to date customer's investment material on digital portals (eg Gust, Angellist, Crunchbase etc)
- Facilitate negotiations with investors and closing funding deals on behalf of customers

Remuneration is based on a fixed fee (3,000€) and success fee (3% of final funds secured). We have 3 committed customers so far, with hopefully more to come.

You’ll be working remotely and start ASAP.

Please fill out this form and we will get back in touch within 7 days should your profile matches our requirements.

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Send investment material to investors, respond to inquiries and follow up
Add and keep up to date investment material on digital portals (eg Gust, Angellist, etc)
Organise confcalls / meetings with investors
Lead negotiations with investors, facilitate closing funding deals
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