2017-18 Krispy Kreme Challenge Committee Member Application
The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a student-run 501(c)(3) non-profit that has donated more than $1.35 million to the UNC Children’s Hospital in its 13-year history at NC State. Annually attracting 7,000+ runners, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is UNC Children's Hospital's largest unrestricted donor, in addition to earning its place as NC State's #1 Student Tradition. Applications for committee member positions are now open to ALL NC State students for the 2018 race, and we hope you will apply!

The Krispy Kreme Challenge is accepting applications to fill positions on the 10 committees listed below. Experienced student leaders are already in place to direct each committee and introduce new members to the K2C organization. Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis from August 23 through September 06, 2017. Successful applicants will be notified by email and given information on upcoming K2C committee meetings.

Krispy Kreme Challenge Committees
Creative Team: The Creative Team will be responsible for the production of creative content for our organization. Projects for the creative team may include merchandise development, branding and logos, promotional material design, etc. The team will also oversee race T-shirt design and will work with the marketing team, the social media team, and the IT team to develop website, general marketing, and social media content.

Finance Department: Committee members will work directly with the CFO helping to manage the current year's budget. At the start of the semester, members will help create the upcoming budget and revise it until approved by the K2C Board. Throughout the year, members will help manage the bank account, handle funds requests from organization members, send invoices, provide reimbursements, deposit checks/payments, and help with taxes, all with the ultimate goal of maximizing our donation amount for UNC Children's Hospital.

Fundraising Department: In an effort to maximize our donation to the UNC Children's Hospital, the Fundraising Department will be responsible for managing our online fundraising platform, Crowdrise, and the subsequent reward process. The Fundraising Department will work with the Fundraising Department Head to develop rewards for donation levels and to ensure that these rewards are received by donors.

Information Technology Department: The IT department will work with the ITO on the revision and management of the official Krispy Kreme Challenge website, data analytics, and other technology needs of K2C. The IT department will work closely with the Creative Team and the Social Media Team.

Logistics Department: The Logistics Department will be responsible for planning and executing all race-day activities, including Belltower site coordination and Krispy Kreme site coordination. Projects include working with NCSU services, coordinating volunteer involvement, planning race functions at the Belltower and at Krispy Kreme, and working with vendors to acquire goods and services.

Merchandise Department: The Merchandise Department will oversee the line of K2C merchandise. Projects will include working on the design process for merchandise, the acquisition of merchandise, and the sales processes for merchandise. The Merchandise Department will interact regularly with the Creative Team.

Marketing Department: The Marketing Department will handle the internal (NC State) and external (wider community) marketing operations of the Krispy Kreme Challenge. Their responsibilities will include corresponding with on-campus organizations (NC State Athletics, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Living and Learning Villages, etc.) and shaping the Challenge’s local, national, and international media presence. The Marketing Department will also handle K2C’s participation in events hosted by other organizations at NC State (Packapalooza, Homecoming, etc.) and outside of our university. Marketing Department members will work closely with the Creative Team to develop marketing content for use on campus and will provide information and ideas for the Social Media Team.

Pre-Race Events Department: The Pre-Race Events Department will be responsible for events planned by K2C that promote or complement the Challenge, but are not the Challenge itself. This includes coordinating vendor and participant relations for the Expo and organizing the Expo, which includes layout design, accommodations for vendors, and procuring entertainment for participant enjoyment. The Pre-Race Events Department will also plan and organize Doughnut Days at regular intervals, as well as any other events deemed necessary by the department.

Social Media Team: The Social Media department will serve alongside the Marketing Department to promote the Krispy Kreme Challenge on a local, national, and global scale. The Social Media Team will work with the Creative Team to develop effective content for all social media platforms. The Social Media Team will also be responsible for communicating with the IT Officer about the success of any social media efforts that can be assessed through data analytics and implementing any changes that would make our social media pages more effective.

Sponsorships Department: The Sponsorship Department will be responsible for managing sponsor relations. This includes reaching out to local companies, past sponsors, and other sponsors via email, phone or in-person visits. They will have the opportunity to network with vendors at various pre-race events and build long term relationships with sponsors. They will also organize the race day VIP Lounge, write business contracts & manage sponsor finances. In addition, they will be responsible for reaching out to expo vendors and managing expo finances. For this department, it is recommended that you have some amount of availability during business hours to communicate with representatives from sponsor companies.

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