West End Food Series
Gordon Neighbourhood House is excited to present the West End Food Series (WEFS), a year-round series of seasonal workshops and events that celebrates food and community. Events take place in the West End neighbourhood, but are open to everyone in the community.

Our goals are to:

1. Bring public attention to various issues and concerns in our food system

2. Use food as a mechanism to foster social inclusion and community building

3. Facilitate skill development in areas like urban farming and food preparation

Interested in Leading a Project?

We want you to contribute to the West End Food Series by designing, coordinating and delivering your own food-related project, such as a workshop or event for the community. As a Project Leader, you'll receive a $200 grant that can go towards buying supplies and an honourarium for your time and hard work.


Your event must meet the three goals outlined above, and be open and free of charge.
We're also looking for events that are interactive, educational, inclusive, accessible and sustainable, and we'll work with you to make this a reality.

Never hosted a workshop or event before? No problem! The WEFS planning team will work with you to meet these goals, and support you with promoting your event, finding space, volunteers and other logistics.

Questions? Email foodseries@gordonhouse.org or call 604-683-2554.
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