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Enchanted Forest is a family event where volunteers can help with education booths, dress up as nocturnal animals and share short snippets of information with families as they are hiking, lead two guided hikes in the Olin Nature Preserve, and many other things. If you are interested in helping with the event this year please fill out the form below.

October 18th, 2019 - 5pm-9:30pm
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Job Descriptions
The job descriptions are outlined below. During training we will give you all the information you need to be successful in your position. What you should bring is an excitement to participate and a willingness to learn the information and engage the public visiting.
-Hike leader will lead groups of 20 individuals around a short loop, stopping to let the costumed speakers teach the group about different nocturnal animals. Hike leaders should know the trail, be able to keep the group together, be able to play one trail game and have good time management skills.
-Costumed speakers will be stationed along the trail and will tell groups about the animal they are dressed up as. They will talk about where that animals lives, what eats it and what it eats. Costumed speakers should be good public speakers, be able to memorize/summarize a short script, speak loud enough to be heard over a crowd, and not be afraid of the woods in the dark. (Costumes are: Lorax, Spider, Owl, and Bat and a Crow puppet)
-Education Booth Educator will be stationed around the porch with education materials to teach to visiting families. All background information will be provided. Booth educators should be able to summarize the background information in such a way that is engaging to young and older children, and be able to speak over a crowd.
-Face Painters will be stationed inside the lodge and will offer simple art for visitors. Face painters should be excited to help all customers and have a confidence in their art skills.
-Campfire Attendants will be responsible for keeping the fire going throughout the night and refilling s'mores and popcorn throughout the night, as well as keep the fire pit area clean of trash. Campfire attendants should be able to manage a fire safely, and be observant.
-Parking Attendants will help TNI staff to manage the flow of traffic into and out of The Nature Institute. Parking attendants should be observant the the cars and the people around them, and be able to take direction from a staff member.
-All volunteers will be asked to keep areas cleaned up of trash, help with tear down at the end of the night and be friendly to all visitors.
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