CircKoz Customized Training Program and Private Lesson Intake Form
Use this form to submit your private lesson or custom 6-week program application/intake form. The current cycle starting June 28th is full, but you can submit this form along with the requested pictures/videos, and $50 deposit, you will be placed in the upcoming cycle. The next cycle will start August 30th.

The customized training plan includes a 6-week program creation (with an added mini-deload/creative/sequencing week), the option for additional remote one-on-one consults, and weekly skill/form feedback and assessment throughout the duration. You will have life-time access to your customized program.

Once I receive the intake form submitted with the requested videos/pictures and the program fee, I will get started on crafting your program. Program fee options are:

- 6-week program with weekly video feedback, skill assessment, and fully linked program - $400
- 6-week program (all of the above) plus two half-hour consults during or before the program - $500
- 6-week program plus customized 2-4 week reusable accumulation/strength block to lay the foundation for the 6 weeks of skill work - $500
- 6-week program plus accumulation training block AND one-on-one video consult - $550

What is an accumulation block?

The idea is that you're focusing on movements/elements that are your weak links using a periodized/structured approach for a few weeks that allow for focused gains in those areas that then unlock skill-based gains in the 6-week cycle.

Once I receive the program fee to CashApp ($kozaaron),, or via Revolut, I will get started on crafting your program.

If you pay using credit card via Paypal and/or there is a currency exchange fee if you are non-US, please add an additional 3% transaction fee to the rate.

I am happy to do payment plans as well! If these prices are inaccessible to you, please email me and let me know - I would be happy to make something work for you (and if not, feel free to check out the tiers on my Patreon ( or the sliding scale e-manuals at

If you're interested in virtual lessons or theory consultations, fill out this form (my private lesson rate is $100-$130). Bulk lessons are available.

Email *
Name, instagram handle (if applicable), and preferred pronouns.
What are your top 5 - 15 movement/aerial/straps/rope/handstand/fabric goals? The more goals focused on during the 6-weeks, the more incremental some of the progress may be. What do you see as progress or success in 6-weeks time? A years time? *
What equipment do you have available to you, and at what frequency? If you only have the ability to use one apparatus per training session due to COVID-restrictions, please let me know! *
What is your current training schedule & volume? (Hours per week/hours per day). The reason for this is that extreme jumps up or down in training volume is correlated with higher risk of injury. *
How long have you been training consistently?
Rate yourself in terms of where you fall regarding your response (rate of gains, recovery, et cetera) to different types of training. Generally, low reps/high load (10) can be more efficient time-wise, but for skills that are dynamic/risky, low intensity/high reps (1) can be useful. If you're not sure, feel free to leave it blank!
High reps/low intensity or low load
Low reps/high intensity or load
Clear selection
Do you have any current or recent injuries I should know about? If you have seen a physio recently for any of them, please let me know.
Generally, what have you already been doing in your training to progress towards the goals you listed? Videos of the skills or progressions of them you're working towards are useful.
Let me know what skills you feel have high reversibility (must be practiced consistently to achieve/maintain), and what skills have low reversibility (you don't need to practice them often to maintain them)?
Do you prefer a strict schedule or something that has built in flexibility?
Clear selection
Please attach a link to a video (uploaded to Youtube, GooglePhotos, Vimeo) that includes the following or progressions towards them of (safety first!): your max pull-ups (or hardest pull-up progression), leg lifts with good form (1 and/or 2-arm), max elbows-in push-ups (or hardest bodyweight pushing progression), active/passive splits, forward pike and straddle, standing active shoulder extension (and/or skin the cat and come back out!), active hip extension (such as lifting leg behind from table-top with butt squeezed), and any other videos of you training that are relevant to your goals. *
Anything else I should know?
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