Thriving Artist: Future Directions
Thriving Artist is a perpetual work in progress.
By letting us know what would be most useful to you, you can help shape it.
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When you visit a website called Thriving Artist, what is your first thought about what you think you'll find here?
What else do you think we should consider including? What would you WANT it to be about?
Should this be something other than / in addition to a website? What?
Do you like to read books / listen to audiobooks / listen to podcasts?
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What are your favorite things you've read, listened to, or watched that seem like they're kind of closely related to this "Thriving Artist" idea?
What are your favorite nonfiction things you've read / listened to / watched PERIOD? (either lately or ever... blogs / books / podcasts / whatever)
Check all that seem like things you would want to read about:
Of the options above, which is THE most important?
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What's missing from the lists above?
If we had to kill off TONS of the things from that list in the name of remaining focused, which ones should be the first to go?
If you know the folks behind this website at bit, what do you think the biggest strengths they bring to the table for a project like this? What do you WANT it to become?
What person should this website / book be written in?
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Is there anything else you want to share that you think could be helpful?
How do you like to get information and inspiration?
If we published a book...would you want a copy?
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Which of these platforms do you like to use to stay in touch with and support creators whose work you value?
Of those, which is the one that you think is the BEST way for you to get updates and/or show support?
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