Crossing Gibraltar: Our City, Our Song - March Break 2018
Welcome to the application for CROSS GIBRALTAR: OUR CITY, OUR SONG, Cahoots Theatre's 2018 free March Break Music and Performance Program!

To learn more about Cahoots Theatre's Youth Programming visit:


This year's program takes place March 10 - 18, 2018 and has a focus on creating and performing music! No prior musical experience required. The program is completely free and participants receive an honorarium for complete participation, free tokens for travel, healthy snacks, and a free field trip on Saturday March 11.

Participants will be around 14-19 years of age.
Please fill out the application for below to apply.

We'll be notifying all participants of their participation in the program by February 28, 2018.

If you or your parent/guardian has any questions please email Crossing Gibraltar Program Coordinator Kevin Wong at

Learn more about Cahoots Theatre's Youth Programming at:
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Please fill out your contact information so that we can let you know about the status of your application. We will notify participants of their acceptance by February 28, 2018.
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To learn more about Cahoots Theatre, and our 30-year history in Toronto, please visit:

Learn more about Cahoots Theatre's youth programming at:

We welcome your questions!
Please feel free also to email our program coordinator Kevin Wong at with any and all questions.

I have my parent or guardian's permission to participate OR I am over 18 years old as of March 10, 2018.
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Thank you for your interest in Crossing Gibraltar: Our City, Our Song. We will be reviewing applications until February 28 and will notify accepted participants at that date.

If you have any questions please contact Crossing Gibraltar Program Coordinator Kevin Matthew Wong at

Please do double check your answers above before you click submit.

All the very best,
Crossing Gibraltar Team
Marjorie Chan
Jennifer Brewin
Kevin Matthew Wong

and everyone at Cahoots Theatre!

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