Kaduna/Hausa Campus
Use this online form if you are a Level 1 Prospective Student applying to the Abuja Campus. Accurately fill-out the form. All blanks must be completed for this application to be processed. Type DNA (Does Not Apply) for blanks that are NOT applicable to you.

Please note you must have made the required application fee before filling this form, follow this link to pay now - https://rhemanigeria.com/tuition-payment/

If you have any questions please email: admin@rhemanigeria.com
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WEEKEND CLASSES run from Friday 5pm-9:30pm & Saturday 8am-5:30pm. @NIGHT Classes runs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. NOTE: @Night classes only available for the ABUJA Campus.
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Do you believe in the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is God made flesh, and He is the only mediator between God and man?
If you have any disabilities that would require special facilities, please state what they would be. Also give the full name and address of a contact person in case of emergencies.
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I, the undersigned, grant full and complete permission to Rhema Nigeria, its employees or designates, or any related or consulting physician to render or give emergency medical aid, care, treatment, or assistance that could or would be deemed required or necessary. This consent I give freely and voluntarily, fully knowing and understanding all the above and its effect upon me.
I hereby state that all the information contained on this application is correct and true. If Rhema Nigeria is notified that any of the information contained on the application is false, it will be grounds for immediate dismissal.
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