Registration form. Poetic invasion workshop with a final flashmob in public space with Jordi L. Vidal.

The topic of this project is "Get out of the cocoon and get back your freedom"
What does mean to leave the cocoon?
First of all, let's go back to the metaphor of "going inside".
We have all experienced this recently, because it was forced upon us. Slowly, we slipped inside ourselves, inside our bubble. It was a natural movement of self-protection, in front of a situation that we could not understand. We lost our freedom of movement; the other became a threat because of an invisible enemy.

We started a new journey, made of introspection, of questioning ourselves.
It was a process of detachment from reality, in a suspended time, a waiting, a cocoon...
I would like to consider this cocoon, like those that we meet in nature: the chrysalis of the butterfly, or the gestation of the baby in its mother’s belly.

It is the transformation itself that mainly interests me, through the stages "before, during and after". Its finality is the birth of a new being, in a new world, where it will find its freedom of movement outside, without fear of any danger.

The light is rarely put on the process of transformation. Often the focus is on the result. What I am interested in is what happens between the starting point and the end.
This observation will be made through the movement of bodies with objects, this interaction that leads to a result.

How to achieve it?
We will explore this theme with the tools of dance and physical theatre improvisation and instant composition guided and directed by Jordi.
We will create a language, a choreographic writing, with a dramaturgy: “beginning, development, conclusion”.
According to the topic of this project, to transform and transfigure dance, movement and body representation into amazing, bizarre, strange, striking images and worlds.


Place of creation:
GC Het Huys.
Rue Egide Van Ophemstraat 46, 1180 Uccle-Ukkel, Brussels. Belgium

Dates of the creative sessions:
August 24th, 25th and 27th 2021
2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Final public presentation / Flash mob
Saturday 28th August 2021 between 2pm and 8pm in a park in Brussels

Jordi L. Vidal. Bio at

Number of participants: 8 – 16 persons
Language: English and French
Fees: Free of Costs

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Poetic Invasion
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