Please kindly fill up the form below. This will be used to track lenders and borrowers in the same area. An email will be sent to you with a list of potential borrowers (if you're a lender) or lenders (if you're a borrower) in your area. You can then use that list to contact them directly.

Link: https://forms.gle/GJVaqz4uqQst5yKq5

UDPATE: If you want to be listed in two different areas, just simply fill up this form twice (dalawang beses). For example, say you live in Pasay but you work in Makati. On your first sign-up, choose Pasay in "My Area/Location" field, but on your second try choose Makati. That way, you will be listed in both areas, and you will be notified of new sign-ups in those two areas accordingly. You can use same mobile number, email address, FB profile link, etc. on each sign-up.
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