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We want to ensure that we are providing programming that meets the needs of our community members. Using this form you can tell us how you would feel about some of our programming ideas. Selecting "I would be interested in this program" does not register you for it or act as an RSVP of any sort. You are not committed to coming to these programs. We would just like to know what you may be interested in.

Have a program modification to suggest, or want have an idea of your own that you would like to submit? Tell us using the "Other" option!
Adulting Classes: A series of classes on some basic skills that some of us may not have learned as children, such as how to sew on a button and hem a garment, iron cloth, basic first aid and the Heimlich maneuver, how to create a budget and manage your finances, understand your credit score, file a tax return, rent an apartment, and how to perform basic household tasks with simple tools.
Adult Literacy Classes: A series of classes designed to help adults develop their reading and writing skills.
Fitness/Movement Classes for Kids: A series of classes that would involve physical fitness/movement for kids ages 4 and up
Game Night: An evening devoted to table top gaming. Choose one of our games to play, or bring your own. Come with friends or come alone and make friends as you go.
Lunch at the Library: A monthly program where participants bring a dish to share based on a central theme.
Parent's Circle: A group for parents to talk with each other about struggles, successes, or whatever is on their minds while we play games and read stories with your kids in the next room!
Steampunk Tea: A Steampunk-themed tea for all ages where we'll drink tea, eat baked goods, and build a model. Program costs based on chosen model.
Youth D&D Night: A place for teens and young adults to run or participate in games of D&D. We'll provide materials.
Teen Advisory Group: Meet with a librarian and other teens to discuss what you want from your library in terms of resources and programming.
Storybook Cooking: A series of classes for children ages 3 -6 that combine stories and a cooking activity.
Young Adult Book Club: A book club for teens and young adults.
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