Dare to Grow Summer 2020 Application
Thanks for your interest in joining Dare to Grow!

This is a group coaching program for business owners who are ready create + launch a digital product. Coaching for this session will start the week of May 4th and run through the week of July 20th.

To be considered for the program, please fill out the application below. There are no wrong answers - I'm looking not only for those that are the best fit for the program, but also to group students together based on their goals + availability.

Once you've submitted the form I'll get back to you ASAP because enrollment ends TONIGHT!!
First Name
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Email address
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Instagram handle
What sparked your interest in joining this program?
Tell me about your business - What is your expertise? Who do you serve? How long have you been in business?
How many people are currently on your email list?
Have you created a product before? How did it / is it selling? (add a link to the sales page if available)
What type of product are you thinking of creating in Dare to Grow? (it's ok if you don't have any ideas yet - that's what we're here for!)
What days + times are you available to join a one hour live coaching session? ** don't forget to include your time zone **
What do you hope to achieve in your business in 2020?
Be honest, what do you think is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, growing your audience, and creating a product on your own?
Why are you committed to doing this now?
Group coaching is an investment as it includes weekly live coaching calls, 24/7 support in a Slack community, and personalized feedback. I'm looking for business owners who are ready to invest in themselves and then show up, participate, and put in the work to create RESULTS. Is this you?
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