Tenure Stream Faculty Support Letter

    Contingent Faculty Negotiations

    Dear President Liebowitz and Provost Lynch, As tenured & tenure stream faculty at Brandeis University, we support the goals of our contingent faculty colleagues as they move forward slowly and surely in negotiating with our administration. We urge the administration to live up to the social justice values of Brandeis University and to honor our part-time colleagues’ contributions to the university’s academic excellence. They seek meaningful job security, equitable compensation, increased access to benefits, greater inclusion in the academic life of the university, and support for their scholarship, creative endeavors, and professional development. During this pivotal moment in the history of higher education in the United States, Brandeis has the opportunity, through these contract negotiations, to become an example, locally and nationally, of just treatment of all faculty, regardless of rank. We believe that settling such an exemplary contract with Brandeis’ contingent faculty will enhance the relations of part-time faculty to students, and burnish Brandeis’ national reputation. We thus support the negotiations and the efforts of our contingent colleagues and our administration to bring contract negotiations to an end acceptable to both parties. Signed,
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