Doundrins 2022-2023 "Budget-Friendly" Plant Sale Application
Hi folks, Abby here from Doundrins Distilling!  We are happy to get plant sales going as I have been trying to do this for awhile now, so welcome!  Please read all the general background information below so you know what to expect.  The list is in no particular order.

Applications are now OPEN for our 2022-2023 Monthly "Budget-Friendly" Plant Sales in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. Join other vendors from across Wisconsin and share your plants and plant-accessories with shoppers. There will be no fee to participate.

Critical notes about our business and about the events for your information:
1) Our business is family friendly and we often have customers that bring their children - please be aware.
2) You will need to be able to take your own payments (we have internet you can log onto).
3) There will be no power supplied to the individual stations.
4) Please make sure you are set up at least 15-20 minutes early.

My contact info:
Abby Abramovich
Owner, Doundrins
Cell: 262-357-4482

Information about these events:
1 Event dates are below for you to select from.  Indoor versus outdoor events will have different quantities of vendors.  I will be looking to rotate through different growers from month-to-month to keep the event diverse.  You will be notified in advance for the date(s) you are selected.  Please do everything you can to make it if you sign up and are selected.  This is something my business is doing a ton of advertising for and we want the events to be successful.  If people that signed up do not show, this will look poorly for the event and for my business. If you are unable to attend last minute, please try to find another grower/vendor that can take your place and let me know.
2 Please make sure you are set up at least 15-20 minutes early.  
3 This will be held at my business, Doundrins Distilling, at 300 Progress Dr. STE F, Cottage Grove, WI 53527. (GPS here:
4 We want this event to be targeted at new plant folks and those on a budget.  With that in mind, I would like to see at least 75% of all items you bring priced at under $100.  You are allowed to bring items over $100, but please try to have these be less than 25% of your offerings.
5 Labeling: For efficiency of the sale, please try your best to label prices on all items in some way (whether individually or with boxes saying $X for everything in this box, I am indifferent how you accomplish this).  This is a learning from the last events we did.  Also, it helps to label what the actual plant name is but this is not required.  We get slammed and then everyone has pricing and plant ID questions.  You will definitely sell more if you put in the time to label pricing and ID on each plant/cutting/item ahead.
6 No plants/cuttings with known pests in the last 30 days allowed
7 You have to have your own tool/way to take payment - whatever you prefer is fine - that could be cash, credit through something like square, venmo, or otherwise.  Please note, we have high speed wifi you can use while you are there.  I recommend using something digital for payment, but we do have an ATM if you choose to use cash and patrons need to withdraw something.  If you plan to take cash, I recommend bringing change.  If you plan to offer venmo, I recommend printing out a sheet with your account name & QR code.
8 It is free to participate for vendors, you just have to help hype it up and advertise on social media/with your friends!
9 Plants & plant accessories/pots/other plant-related things all allowed - must be related to plants in an obvious way
10 Indoor events: You will be able to have up to 1-6 ft folding table of floor space (or a vertical standing shelf).  You must provide that table/shelf.  We have chairs you can use for indoor events.
11 Outdoor events:  You will need to bring your own set up including chairs, tent, table, any other equipment you may need.  We do not have very many shade structures, so please plan to bring your own shade structure if you need/want one.  I highly recommend a tent/shade structure for summer events as it is EXTREMELY sunny outside. We also do not have a ton of chairs, so I recommend bringing a folding chair for you to use.  Each vendor for outdoor events will be given approximately 1- 10'x10' spot depending on the number of vendors interested each time.  (This is the standard size of portable pop-up tents.)  You can share that space with multiple people if you want.  This is up to you to decide and arrange.
12 I have several hundred gallons of RO water that I will give out to vendors to use for their set ups as needed.
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