Open3D Season of Docs 2019 Survey
Welcome to Open3D 2019 Google Season of Docs (GSoD)! We are excited to have you join the Open3D team in improving the documentations.

To learn more about Open3D, please visit and star Open3D on GitHub at Please also visit our documentation page at

We’re recruiting two technical writers for this project via GSoD. By participating in GSoD with Open3D, you’ll spend three months working closely with the Open3D team, learn about this state-of-the-art 3D data processing library, build up your open-source contribution.

The form serves as a short survey to
(1) Gather some background information
(2) Share a link to project proposal draft via Google Docs

During the "Technical writer exploration" and "Technical writer applications" phase, as a potential technical writer, you would need to come up with a project proposal. To facilitate the process, we'll use the link you provide in (2) to work on the draft proposal. Please ping us to discuss the draft proposal when needed.

For organization and application details, please refer to the GSoD official website at

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