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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at this event! On Halloween night (a Saturday) we're going to be doing a drive-thru trick or treat experience. Kids and their parents will get to see performances by Ring of Steel fighters, fire dancers, and circus artists while receiving candy from costumed characters. All participants who don't cohabitate will be socially distanced from one another, and there's no charge to anyone who attends. We're doing our best to save Halloween for the kids, and for ourselves! This event will happen rain or shine (but if it's a blizzard, there's high winds, or there's lightning then we'll call it a miss).

🎃Where: Ringstar Studio (3907 Varsity Dr, Ann Arbor). We'll be setting up a course that starts behind the building and goes around to the front.

🎃When: Saturday October 31, 6:30-9pm.

🎃Who: the event is being hosted jointly by Ring of Steel Action Theatre and Ringstar Studio, but anyone is welcome to participate. If you have kids who would like to participate, they're welcome to do so with you!

🎃Safety details:
• anyone who's going to be handing out candy MUST wear a mask (if you're wearing a Halloween mask, you also have to wear a "regular" mask). We're going to experiment with the best way to get the candy into kids' hands to minimize contact and keep everyone at a distance.
• while this event will take place entirely outdoors, participants can go inside to get warm/get dry/use the bathroom/take a break. Masks MUST be worn indoors at all times, no exceptions.
• Masks must also be worn outdoors any time you're near other people. Please respect everyone's boundaries. Some people are comfortable with a six foot distance, and others will want more distance.
• Participants who don't cohabitate will be distanced at least six feet apart (probably more).
• we will have lots of hand sanitizer available for anyone who wants/needs it

🎃What to bring:
• a costume! There's no particular theme, so you're encouraged to dress up to the max! Make it cute, make it funny, make it elaborate. Special FX makeup, highly complicated technical gadgets, it's all fair game. That said, this is an event for young-ish kids, so (for instance) while zombies are great, zombies that gush blood and wriggle with maggots are probably too much.
• decorations! (Optional) While we have a decent inventory of Halloween decor, we don't have enough to fill in more than 300 feet of space. If you have some Halloween decor, or even decor that's thematic to your outfit, feel free to bring it and set up a little nest for yourself. If you don't have anything, don't sweat it. It's icing on an already delicious cake. 😄

If you're planning on manipulating fire or doing circus performances, please dress appropriately. It's fine to dress like you would for a non-Halloween performance if that's what you've got in your wardrobe, just as long as it's safe to perform in.

Performers are not expected to perform continuously (unless you really want to) and are welcome to take breaks to hand out candy, or step inside for a rest.

🎃Things we will provide:
• candy!
• decorations
• hand sanitizer
• for fire performers: fuel (kero, white gas), spotting blankets, extinguishers
• for circus performers: aerial rig, mats, small stage area if needed/wanted
• for stunt performers: stage area, mats, weapons
• for everyone: chairs, snacks and beverages (normally I'd say donuts and cider but in the interest of avoiding contamination, it'll be stuff that comes in individual packets and bottles)

Again, thank you for your interest. Once you fill out the form we'll be in touch soon. Let's make this a good Halloween to remember! 🎃👻💀😈
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