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Thank you for your interest in the Making it Happen blog Review Team. As the blog grows, so do the number of review requests we receive. We are currently accepting inquiries from those interested in joining the team. Please understand that being a reviewer for our team is not meant to be a way for you to get free books. Our reviewers are serious about reading and reviewing authors' works, and while many of the titles we read and review are provided by authors and publishers in exchange for an honest review, you would be expected to do exactly that--provide your honest, unbiased review of the books you read, and do so in a timely fashion. Reviewers do not receive any form of compensation other than sometimes being provided a copy of a book for the purposes of writing a review.

We post reviews that have ratings of 3 stars or higher here on the blog, but all reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon regardless of star rating under the reviewer's own profile on those sites, and may also be posted at other online bookseller sites (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, etc) if either requested by the author/publisher or at the reviewer's discretion.

If accepted onto the team, you are not required to read/review every available title or titles in a genre you do not prefer to read. At this time, the blog accept most genres except religious and children's books. You are welcome to read and review titles to post on the blog other than those offered to the blog that you have purchased or have been gifted, but again please note that no compensation will be provided for those titles you have purchased on your own. We do expect excellent writing and grammar in all reviews posted to or associated with the blog, and expect our reviewers to proofread and edit their reviews before submission.

Here at Making it Happen, we are committed to the security of every ARC/galley/review copy received, and we never share or otherwise distribute those copies-even amongst each other on the review team. All members of the review team for the blog who receive review copies of any author’s work must understand this policy and abide by it at all times. We appreciate the time and hard work authors put in to their books, and would not do anything to compromise their interests.

Thank you again for your interest in joining our team. Please complete the form below, and someone from the team will contact you shortly.

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I understand that if I am provided with a copy of a book in exchange for my honest, unbiased review that I may not sell, trade, share, copy, pirate, or upload said copy to any public or private site online. Review copies are provided strictly for my own reading/reviewing purposes for the Making it Happen blog. Making it Happen blog does not tolerate the violation of these terms, and such activities will result in the immediate removal from the Making it Happen review team, and may result in criminal investigation and prosecution. Making it Happen blog is here to help promote authors and their work, and we are committed to doing so in a legal and ethical manner at all times. *
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