Supreme Court by Numbers
When: Friday, 12 July 2019 - 5 to 7pm
Where: Bangalore International Centre (new building), Seminar Hall 1
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Making the courts work for us
The Supreme Court undoubtedly shapes Indian public life, yet its popular understanding remains poor. Most discourse on the court is anecdotal – individual judgments are analysed, a few days of oral arguments are reported on. While there is value in analysing individual cases, the court demands a more macrolevel understanding through data.

The SC Observer bridges this gap with the Statistics Pack 2018. The Stat Pack compiles, analyses and presents a data overview of the Supreme Court of India. Focusing on key parameters, it provides insights into the court’s caseload. The Stat Pack lays the groundwork for further study and judicial reform.

Co-hosted by the Supreme Court Observer, a Centre for Law and Policy initiative, and Agami Hub.
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