Swaffham Bulbeck Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Questionnaire for households
Your answers to this brief survey will form the basis of the plan – we therefore hope participation will be as wide as possible. If several members of a household wish to complete a questionnaire please make a copy. To complete online go to: http://swaffhambulbeckpc.org.uk/neighbourhood-planning/

Please allow up to 15 minutes to complete this questionnaire, although you are free to spend more time on it if you wish!

The deadline is 15th March.

You can press the back and forward buttons without losing your responses, but please make sure you press Submit at the end to save your submission.

If you experience any difficulties filling in this questionnaire, please email sbulbecknp@gmail.com

Once all answers are collated a parish-wide event will be held to present the findings. All answers will be confidential and will only be used and presented in aggregated form.

Thank you very much.
1. How old are you? *
2. How many people are there in your household? *
3. How many adults (over 18) in your household? *
4. What is your postcode? (To check breadth of parish coverage in responses) *
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