Application for Undergraduate Diversity Travel Award to Evolution 2019
Please provide all of the information requested below. If you have any questions or problems with this application page send an email to
Personal Information
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4. What is your nationality? *
Note: The award is open to international students and the number of international awardees will be approximately proportional to SSE international membership (~30%).
5a. Mailing Address: street address *
Reimbursement checks will likely be sent in July or August 2019. We recommend providing a permanent address or at least one that is valid through September 2019.
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Poster Information
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10. Poster Abstract *
Note: The abstract is only required for the UDE application (not for conference registration).
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Statement of Academic Interests and Career Goals
11. One page statement of academic interests and career goals. *
Please discuss how attending the Evolution 2019 meeting will help you meet these goals (750 words max). It is recommended that you first use Microsoft Word or some other word processing application to prepare your statement and then paste the text here.
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Letter of Reference
Name and email address of your undergraduate research advisor. Please have your advisor submit a letter of reference indicating how your inclusion in this program will (1) advance you towards your career goals and (2) increase diversity of the group participants.

This letter should be submitted in PDF format via email to Louise Mead ( Letters of reference MUST be received by 11:59PM EST on Sunday, March 31st, or applications will be marked as incomplete and will not be considered. Use the email subject line "UDE 2019 Letter ApplicantLastName" when submitting the letter (replace the "ApplicantLastName" with your last name).

12. Reference Name *
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13. Reference Email Address *
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Additional Information
The following questions help us with planning and logistics for this program. They do not affect our selection process.
14. Have you ever attended/presented at the Evolution meeting or any other scientific conference? *
15. Have you already registered (and reserved lodging) for the Evolution 2019 conference in Providence, RI *
Not required in advance. We can reimburse registration/lodging for awardees but would prefer you do not pay for registration or reserve lodging until after awardees are announced (April 7), if possible.
16. Which pre-conference workshop topics would interest you the most? Choose up to 3. *
On Friday, June 21, we will run a workshop specifically for undergraduates, but we would like input on the topics to cover. You can choose any of the ideas listed, or feel free to suggest new ones!
17. Which city (include state/country) will you be traveling from to attend the meeting? *
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18. Are you applying for funding from another source to attend Evolution 2019? Check any that apply: *
19. Dietary requirements/restrictions. Check any that apply: *
20. Gender *
(We will need this information to make rooming arrangements at the conference.)
21. Do you consider yourself a member of a group that is underrepresented in evolutionary science? *
22. What are your plans after graduation? *
(If you are undecided, check any that you are considering.)
Participation Requirements
If you are selected for this award do you agree to:
23. Arrive in Providence on Thursday, June 20, and depart on Wednesday, June 26? *
24. Attend all Undergrad Diversity at Evolution activities (mentoring, workshops, social event) and the Tuesday night Super Social? *
(Note: All UDE activities are also open to non-awardees that attend Evolution 2019)
25. Write a short narrative that summarizes your conference experience? *
26. Complete the post-conference feedback survey (anonymous)? *
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