Winter 2018-2019 Programming Blockchain Scholarship Application
Should you be selected, you will be given a free admission (value: $4000 USD) to the Programming Blockchain Seminar on November 14-15 in Austin, December 3-4 in Melbourne, December 6-7 in Sydney or January 24-25 in Las Vegas. You will still be responsible for travel to and from the venue unless you opt for the online version.
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There is an online option where you will get the live lectures, but be participating from home. You would have to be online 8:30am-5:30pm in the time zone of where the seminar is being held. Would you be open to this option? *
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What project are you hoping to be able to contribute to or create as a result of what you'll learn at this seminar? *
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Should you win a scholarship, are you willing to be contacted by sponsors for possible employment opportunities? *
PLEASE TRY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, THIS IS A REQUIREMENT TO BE CONSIDERED. You are given UTXOs of varying amounts in sorted order. You want to spend some particular amount using exactly 2 UTXOs (no more, no less). Write a function that takes as inputs, the UTXOs, fee amount and the target amount and minimizes the change amount. Ideal answer would be in Python with tests that's optimized for speed. *
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