KBYO (Know Before You Owe) Sessions
These sessions are designed to help students and parents understand the bottom line when it comes to college costs. Sign up today for a one-on-one appointment so that we can review your financial aid offers together. Most sessions will be conducted via Zoom. Students are not required to make their college choice until the National Decision Deadline, May 1st, 2021.
First and last name *
Have you filed the FAFSA? *
Please list the colleges whose Financial Aid Offers you would like to review. (We must have copies of your financial aid offer in order to discuss the potential cost of your school. Financial aid offers can be submitted electronically by email to janthony@newarkschools.us, or dropped off in the A Call to College office during the school day.) *
Are you still waiting on financial aid offers from some of your schools? If so, which ones? *
Would you like to have a parent/guardian join the conversation? (We strongly encourage parents/guardians to attend this appointment.) *
Please provide a parent/guardian name and email address if they will be attending.
What is the best day and time to schedule your meeting? (Any additional information re: your school/work schedule and parent/guardian schedule is helpful.) *
Reminder! Your meeting can't be scheduled until we receive your financial aid offers. Please submit them to: janthony@newarkschools.us. Once submitted, a staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment. *
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