Virtuosi x Lexington Mentor Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a mentor! Being a mentor comes with numerous responsibilities and leadership, but it is a great and rewarding opportunity to connect with younger musicians. Please review our website for more details.
The application will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

After you fill out the application, we will notify you via email with further information regarding your mentorship role as soon as possible. Thanks!
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First & Last Name *
Grade as of fall 2020: *
Instrument (check all that apply) *
What is the MAXIMUM number of students you are willing to take in? Please read the description carefully. *
Please note that we will be referring students to you based on the number you write. This means that we will continue to refer students to you until this number is reached(our mentorship team will keep track of the process). Each session for a student is usually 30 minutes long, but you and your student get to decide the time. Please consider your schedule carefully before writing down your number.
Please write down any experiences you have had with collaborative music (outreach concerts, chamber music, experience with teaching, etc.) *
Write a short paragraph bio about yourself! This is extremely helpful as it gives the parents/students a general idea of who you are. Put information such as personality/age, accomplishments, teaching style, hobbies, etc. *
NOTE: your bio will only be shown to the students you are matched with. It will NOT be published on any public site.
Our leadership positions for the Lexington mentorship board are open. Would you like to apply as a volunteer and be on the team? Answer with potential interests if yes.
You will be in a higher leadership position that may include responsibilities of: pairing mentors to mentees, marketing and advertising outreach, further program development, website maintenance and so on. We will contact you through email.
Are you interested in hosting a group class for the mentees on a specific topic? *
This comes with equal significance as a board position! You will be collaborating with others to host a class. Examples of ideas are History of Composition, Introduction to Music Eras, Introductory Music Theory...
If yes, what class do you hope to open?
How did you hear about Virtuosi? *
Anything else you want to include? (same town - although the majority of our mentees will be from around the area, student preferences, time restrictions, etc.)
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