Jump Ahead Application
18 new schools in the Chicago area, will be invited to be part of the 2020 Jump Ahead cohort for free Reading In Motion, Kindergarten support. If interested, the principal should fill out questions below. Schools will be notified as soon as possible, if accepted into the free program. Please reach out to Jeffrey Jones at Jjones@readinginmotion.org for further details.
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How do you measure foundational skills? *
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If you do not use DIBELS or AIMSWEB to assess foundational skills in Kindergarten, would you be willing to use these measurements, and share the data with us for teacher's to use for grouping students on the curriculum platform? *
Would you be willing to share current 2018-2019 reading scores for K-1st grade? *
How many English and Spanish Kindergarten classrooms do you currently anticipate for 2019-2020? *
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Would you be willing to partner for more than one year, if there is improvement in Kindergarten foundational reading scores? *
Will your teachers be willing to attend summer training (1.5 days) and work with an instructional coach in the literacy block every other week? *
What resources are you currently using in your literacy block? *
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Our program is for foundational reading skills, and we coach as a wrap around core program. To see improvement we are designed for 40 minutes of small group time, four days a week and 50 minutes of whole group time weekly. How do you anticipate this working in your current literacy block? *
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