RSC - Summer Camp 2019 - Role-play App
This application is for people applying to role-play a character during camp. This is a 100% volunteer position, you will have to provide your own avatar(s). Avatars need to be realistically made and nicely textured to match the theme of the camp.

This position is for adults characters, you can be a kid or teen but your character must be an adult. You do not get a +1 to bring anyone to camp. While at camp you must be in your character's form. If you wish to attend camp as a camper you must sign up for the waiting list.

If you are looking to apply as a Staff Member, DO NOT use this application. Use the application below:

We are looking for role-players who will roam the regions, interact with campers and most of all have fun with their role!

RSC takes great pride in being a camp that offers many role-play opportunities while at the same time allowing campers to feel free to be themselves without being judged. This often means that RP will be relaxed and not too strict. This is what makes us very successful.

If you are a person who requires RP to be strict and people going OOC here and there, or someone didn't emote a response to your actions to your liking makes you uncomfortable and angry, then this camp isn't for you.

There are plenty of role-play opportunities within SL where you can engage in strict para roleplay all you want, but here we welcome every level of role-play and most of all we all just want to have fun without stressing out about who did or didn't role-play properly.

Camp dates are August 10, 2019 to August 18, 2019. The theme for Summer is Narnia! We suggest you familiarize yourself with the camp's story which will be published in segments prior to the beginning of camp.

We are looking for dire wolves, wolves, minotaurs, orcs, hobgoblins, trolls, etc.

If you have any questions about being a role-play character please message Joey Ahren.
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