FIA & DLV - Global Startup Contest
Join the Global Startup Contest by DLV (Digital Leaders Ventures) and the FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile).
As a selected Startup you will be invited to pitch in front of our jury in Mexico (March 30-31, 2017) , Berlin (June 8-9, 2017) or Montreal (July 27-28, 17).

As a Startup you will get

>>> FIRST A minimum of 100.000 USD in Funding at fair and transparent terms
>>> SECOND Access to the network of the FIA, DLV and our partners
>>> THIRD Positive Awareness and Media coverage
….. and a special invitation to a Formula E Race

Learn more about Benefits, Jury and Focus at

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We do not have any regional limitations to be part of the Global Startup Contest. As long as you have time and can attend the pitch day on-site, you can choose the timing which best fits your agenda. Of course, our main current focus is on Mexico at the moment.
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