DeafBlind Committee Application
The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf is establishing its first DeafBlind Advisory Committee. Our first course of action will be to identify and/or research needs/issues brought up by the DeafBlind community. The DeafBlind Advisory Committee has a responsibility to bring needs/issues to the forefront, along with recommendations for solutions to the LCD Board.

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Can you provide specific examples of issues you believe require attention and improvement within the DeafBlind community? 
How do you plan to collaborate with other committee members to address challenges and identify potential solutions?
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Do you possess any skills, such as communication, research, policy analysis, or community engagement, that would be valuable for the DeafBlind Advisory Committee?
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What do you hope the DeafBlind Advisory Committee will achieve in the next few years under your potential participation?
Have you been involved in any previous projects, organizations, or initiatives related to disability advocacy, accessibility, or inclusion?
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