Parent/Guardian Remote Learning Feedback & Future Planning Survey

Parent/Guardian: Please complete this questionnaire to help Marion City Schools better support students with remote learning by June 1, 2020. Your answers will be completely anonymous.

We are committed to “in classroom” direct instruction this Fall with contingency plans in place to change to a remote environment if necessary. However, in an effort to be growth minded, reflective, and look for ways to both validate what went well and what we can improve upon, we wanted to garner additional feedback.

Please complete this survey for EACH building where you have a student attending.

Which school does your student attend? *
What was the average amount of time your student spends on school work each day throughout the remote instruction time? *
How did you feel about the amount of work your child was given? *
Were you and your student able to access the Schoology/Google online assignments consistently? *
If you struggled, what kept your student from accessing his/her Schoology/Google online assignments?
For the following questions, please state how much you agree or disagree with the statements regarding remote learning.
I knew how to contact my student's teachers for help with completing assignments. *
Communication with teachers was easy and consistent *
I was able to easily navigate through remote learning. *
My student adjusted to learning from home. *
I know that school counselors are available to provide support to my student remotely. *
How can the district continue to support your student?
What is the biggest obstacle to learning that you experienced through this time of the pandemic?
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