Support-a-Family: COVID-19 Survivors Holiday Gift Drive
Dear Community Member:

With over 225,000+ families affected by a painful loss due to COVID-19 and millions dealing with serious and prolonged after-effects on their health, we are asking for your help to ensure that the children in these families still get to experience the magic and joy of the holiday season - ESPECIALLY in these times.

Please fill out this form and consider also recruiting your friends, community and co-workers to help you fulfill these Amazon wishlists for these families. Each form is filled out by a parent or guardian of the child with great care and detail to make sure we are able to give the child something that they want and also fulfill some of the needs that they have.

Once you fill out the form - you will be sent an email from providing you with all the details you need for each family along with their corresponding WISH LIST.

Each child's WISH LIST will consist of several items. These items may total up to a couple hundred dollars. If you cannot financially commit to this amount, we ask that you share the Amazon Wishlist link with several friends, community members, or others who may be able to help you purchase all the items on the list. If you run into any issues, we can assign additional donors to your wish list, but it will be your responsibility to communicate any issues to us.

If you have any questions or would like to adopt several families as a company or organization, please send us an email! The deadline to sign up to Give Help is Thursday, December 15th.

In gratitude and with love,

COVID Survivors for Change & Pandemic of Love

P.S. You can follow COVID Survivors for Change on Facebook ( or twitter (@survivorschange), and those impacted by COVID can join the Facebook discussion page ( here to learn more about trauma and advocacy resources and connect with others.
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