Team SDYC Spring 2019 Towing Volunteer Form
Junior Sailing relies on parent volunteers for 100% of our towing needs associated with travel events. The good news is that every single participant dos not need to transport their own boat, and that we also have coaches in safety boats for our events. That means we need lots of your support. A typical regatta will call for roughly a third as many towing volunteers as participants. In general, everyone should plan to tow for a third of the events they sail, at least.

When it comes to Team SDYC regatta preparation, we'd like to be focused on sailing and performance, not basic details like how we'll get there; so this form aims to get us a further ahead. Please consider the Team SDYC Jan-May travel events listed below, and let us know where you can help. The goal is to complete this Spring 2019 towing schedule, prior to the end of the holiday break, Sunday, Jan 6.

I've indicated the expected number of towing volunteers needed for each event. I will be populating the schedule, based on your responses, and will remove solicitation for each event, as it's volunteer need is filled.

No towing capacity on your vehicle? No problem! Rental trucks with towing capacity are readily available, and could be used several times per year, at a fraction of the cost of ownership. Here's an example:

You can view our progress covering needs, and established towing volunteer schedule, here:

Thank you!

John Fretwell
Junior Sailing Director

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Jan 26-27, C420s- SCYYRA Perry Series #3 @ US Sailing Center, Long Beach (5 trailers expected) *
Feb 16-17, SCYA Midwinters for Lasers, 29ers, O'Pen Bics, and Snipes @ Mission Bay YC (3 trailers?)
Apr 4-7, Various Fleets- CISA Advanced Racing Clinic @ Alamitos Bay YC (3 trailers expected) *
May 4-5, Lasers- SCYYRA Ullman/Frost #4 @ Santa Barbara (1 trailer expected) *
May 18-19, 29ers- SCYYRA Hamlin Series #4/Skiff Fest @ Santa Barbara (2 trailers expected) *
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