Ministry Participation Survey
Note to the congregation: Our church is exploring new ways of sharing God's love with others in word and deed. This form will help us match your interests and availability with ongoing opportunities for outreach. We appreciate you taking time to answer the questions.
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When are you most likely to be available for ministry opportunities? (weekdays)
Which Days of the Week?(weekdays)
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When are you most likely to be available for ministry opportunities? (Weekends)
How often do you think you could be available for ministry volunteering?
Which of these age groups do you enjoy interacting with? (Check all that apply)
What might hold you back from participating in an outreach ministry? (Check all that apply)
What aspects of community outreach are most important to you? (Check all that apply)
Besides Faith in Action, what current or past experiences have you had as a participant in an outreach ministry? Share whether this was a positive or negative experience.
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What skills, training, hobbies or experiences do you have that could be useful in ministry? (For example, skills in graphic design; training in real estate; gardening; camp counseling experience)
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How would you like to see our church follow up with Faith in Action? Is there a ministry activity or project you would particularly like to do, or a concern you would like us to more actively address?
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Can we follow up with you about specific ministry opportunities as they develop?
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