Kindred Spirit Gratitudes
Here at Kindred Spirit magazine, we want to find a more positive and peaceful way to be online. To do that, we want you to help us share the little things you're grateful for!

Whether you want to give a shout-out to a loved one, share something new you've discovered, tell us about a moment that made the whole day worth it or perhaps give thanks to a stranger who made you smile - we want to hear from you.

Just let us know anything you're grateful for, and keep your eyes out on our social media accounts for your message. Plus, if you're lucky enough for your message to be chosen as our Gratitude of the Week, we'll send you a free Kindred Spirit tote bag!

**Please note that we're unable to send out tote bags to Gratitude of the Week winners at the moment, but we'll be keeping track of everyone whose message is featured so we can send your free Kindred Spirit bag as soon as it's safe for us to return to Kindred Spirit HQ 🤗 **
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If your submission is chosen as our Gratitude of the Week, we may want to reach out to send you a little thank you of our own.

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