Green Certified Dorm Application Form

Welcome to the Green Room Certification process. A Green Certified Room is a room recognized by Luther College Sustainability as being environmentally friendly. There are three levels of certification that can be obtained; apply for level 1 first and then you can upgrade to levels 2 and 3. To receive level 1 certification you must sign the energy conservation pledge ( and fill out this application. The application form will be reviewed by the sustainability office and the applicant will be contacted via email concerning their results and further necessary actions. If the application is approved certified rooms will receive a sign to be displayed on their door.

Note: Green Room Certification can be done as an individual or a room. If you would like to pursue individual green certification simply sign the energy conservation pledge and complete this application form. If you and all your roommates would like to earn green room certification you will be required to provide us with the names and emails of your roommates and we will send them an email inviting them to participate in the green room certification program. In order to receive green room certification every roommate must complete the requirements (sign the conservation pledge and complete this application form).

Application Form Layout:

-Lights and Electronics
-Heating and Cooling
-Waste and Recycling
-Water Use and Personal Habits
-Involvement and Education
-Personal Information

Please be sure to answer every question

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