Community Service Hours Tracking
Please use this online form to submit your community service hours to the school counselor, who will keep track of your total hours. Please ALSO keep track of your own hours on the paper form provided to you.

Submit this form for EACH day and each event during which you perform community service. If you submit a form for more than one day's work, you will be asked to resubmit separate forms for each day of service.
Your Name *
Your FULL name (First and Last)
Your Current Grade Level *
Date you performed the service *
Enter only one date. Submit this form for each day of service performed.
Start Time *
End Time *
Total amount of time worked *
Total time for this service project only.
Place you performed the service or name of the organization you performed the service with *
Description of service (What did you do?) *
Name of your adult supervisor for this service *
Email address for your adult supervisor *
The school counselor will email your supervisor to confirm your hours.
Phone number for your adult supervisor
You are encouraged to also provide a phone number in case your supervisor does not confirm your service hours via email.
Alternate contact information for your adult supervisor
Provide any additional contact information for your supervisor here.
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