Sunshine State Homeschool Academy
Thank you for joining us for another year! We enjoy having you here!

Prior to completing this form (the Returning Student Enrollment Form) please gather the required documents that are needed. Make sure you complete a form for each student you are enrolling. Requirements for Enrollment include:

1) Complete the Returning Student Enrollment Form (this form)
2) Updated Student Health Examination (HRS-H Form 3040) or waiver form.
3) Updated Florida Certificate of Immunization (HRS Form 680) or waiver form.
4) Returning student fee

(All documents must be current, and the Student Health Examination and Florida Certificate of Immunization must be less than one year old. Email all documents to

Enrollment fees:
Returning student: $20
Week day same day enrollment: $25
Weekend enrollment: $40
Subsequent enrollments (changing grade levels more than one time within 365 days): $20
(Students are enrolled annually and with each grade level change)

After completing this form visit our enrollment page ( to submit payment [Scroll down to the "buy here" icon under "enrollment fees" and select your enrollment status to submit payment.]

By enrolling with SSHA, you agree to our guidelines, terms of use, and privacy policy, which can be found on our website
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Student Start Date (If you do not indicate a start date for your student, it will be the date that we receive this completed form, all documents, and enrollment payment. Note that we cannot backdate enrollment)
Will you need Enrollment Confirmation from SSHA to complete the withdrawal process at another school? If so, please include the name of the previous school and their email or mailing address so that SSHA can send enrollment confirmation. *
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