Reader Survey: Thinking Seriously About Moving
If you are giving serious consideration to moving to a different country or a different region of your country after your retire, please answer these questions.

If you have already moved somewhere that's at least 100 miles from your pre-retirement home, please take this survey instead:

Data collected and aggregated from this survey will be used by Dave Hughes in his upcoming book, "The Quest for Retirement Utopia: How to Find the Retirement Place that's Just Right for You." Your input will help readers of this book to make better choices about where they should choose to live in order to enjoy a wonderful retirement.

To thank you, you will have the opportunity at the end of the survey to enter your name and email address in order to purchase the book at a substantially discounted price when it is released. This is optional.

Where do you live now? *
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Where are you considering moving? (Either one place or a short list of top choices) *
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What is motivating you to move? (Please select up to 5) *
What are your biggest concerns about making this move? *
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How important are each of these factors in selecting the place you will move to? Please try to indicate no more than 5 choices for Very Important and no more than 5 choices for Somewhat Important. *
Very important
Somewhat important
Nice but not necessary
Not important
Cost of Living
Proximity to loved ones
Quality of and proximity to health care
Cultural amenities (theatre, concerts, museums, etc.)
Recreational amenities (golf, tennis, hiking, etc.)
Avoidance of discrimination
Political/social climate
Good public transportation
Proximity to major airport
Presence of diverse people (all types)
Proximity to college or university
Concentration of other seniors
Low taxes
Good senior service agencies
Good assisted living/nursing facilities
Same-sex marriage legally recognized
LGBT-friendly health services
LGBT community (businesses, social organizations, churches, etc., that serve primarily LGBT people)
Are there any other factors not mentioned above that are important to you?
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Now a few questions about demographics
Please provide the following demographic information. It's all optional, but it will be helpful in identifying trends and common considerations of specific groups.
Are you...?
In what age bracket are you? (If you and your partner are in different groups, please answer for you)
How do you identify?
How do you identify?
Which best describes your retirement status? (If you and your partner are in different groups, please answer for you)
Thank you very much for your time and input!
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