Sign Up for: Extracurriculars in College Apps & Beyond Panel
This is the sign up for the first college panel of Session 2: Extracurriculars in College Apps & Beyond, held on Thursday, July 23rd at 8PM PST!

The Extracurriculars in College Apps & Beyond Panel will host college students from Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Tufts, and the University of Washington. Come to hear about different extracurricular pathways that you can explore! Learn about time management, how to market your extracurriculars for college apps, and the expansive world of opportunities in college life! Read about our panelists here:

We ask that you limit sign-ups to one person per family- share one computer to Zoom in so that we can accommodate as many people as possible (Zoom limits us to ~300 attendees and there's ~1400 students). Thank you so much!

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