GBIF Mentor Application Form
The GBIF Secretariat invites individuals with experience in biodiversity data mobilization, management, use and analysis, and national and regional biodiversity information facilities to participate in mentoring and networking activities within the biodiversity community. Mentors contribute to capacity enhancement by providing support to project teams, participating in training events, and by interacting with other mentors. Becoming a mentor is an opportunity to collaborate with the growing community of scientists, institutions, and networks involved in the mobilization and use of biodiversity data in some of the most biodiversity-rich areas of the world.

Mentoring activities can include:

- Providing proposal writing guidance
- Evaluating project proposals
- Providing general project and project implementation guidance
- Reviewing project narrative reports
- Providing data hosting support
- Providing technical data publishing or data use/analysis support
- Preparing and translating materials for workshops or other activities
- Providing on-site support at workshops
- Guiding new node managers in establishing Participant nodes

Mentor recognition
Digital badges are used to provide accreditation and recognition to mentors for their role. There are four badges that can be earned by mentors:

Volunteer Mentor
This badge is assigned to those who have volunteered to be part of the pool of mentors available to provide support and who have completed the volunteer mentor webinar.

Project Mentor
This badge is awarded to those who have been assigned to mentor one or more funded projects, and have provided substantial remote or on-site support to their implementation.

Certified Trainer
This badge is awarded to those who have contributed to the development and delivery of capacity enhancement workshops.

Node Manager Mentor
This badge is awarded to those who have been assigned to mentor new node managers.
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