Nonprofit Democracy Network Member Application
The structures, practices, and cultures of the nonprofit sector are failing to unleash the full potential of the people who work within it. The Nonprofit Democracy Network is a community of practice that is changing the sector from the inside out.

We are a group of organizations and workers supporting each other to make our organizations more equitable, participatory, responsive, and leaderful.

We are moving away from models of governance, management, and strategy that were inherited from the very systems we are trying to change.

We are stepping into models informed by our anti-oppressive, democratic, and liberatory values. And we are becoming more effective and accountable as we do it.

We are weaving the nonprofit sector together with the broader movement for a solidarity economy and collective liberation.

We are a community of practice. We are a community of support. We are a movement to change how nonprofit work is done.

And, we would love to have you join us!

We are a group of people and organizations living into a beautiful vision of how we can do the work of social transformation, justice, and climate protection.

This short application will help us feel into whether you are a good fit for our network right now. And it will help us know how to best weave you into what's happenings.

It may take a few weeks for us to get to your application after you submit it. Then we will either let you know when our next welcoming call is, or we will reach out to you for more information.

If you are feeling antsy, please email

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What is your organization's current governance and management structure? (~2-4 sentences)
What is something your org is doing really well right now? (Related to governance, liberatory practice, self-management, or anything you think relevant in the moment.)
What are some of the growing edges around identity and equity in your organization? Where are you learning-by-doing and facing challenges?
What do you hope to gain from being in the network?
What do you feel excited to bring to the network?
What does "liberation" mean to you?
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