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*You will receive 100 BULLISH tokens
*LIMITED entries will be considered and evaluated. HURRY!
*All dormant bitcointalk accounts will be disqualified to prevent multiple entries
*Any duplicated registrations will be disqualified
*You will be disqualified if you don't follow or join our social media platforms or if you don't share our links.
*We want BULLISH community to be the best. Active members will be rewarded from time to time.
*This Bounty is to reward early adopters. All entries will be painstakingly verified so as to prevent multiple entries
*You must be active on our social media platforms.

Our aim is to create a bull market for all traders

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Email address *
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Must be active accounts.
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Must be active accounts. All dormant/BrandNew bitcointalk accounts will be disqualified to prevent multiple entries
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You will be constantly rewarded if you continue updating this post as we update the main post.
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You will be given extra BULLISH tokens if you tweet your Translation post link on Twitter.
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You are required to join t.me/Bullishruncrypto and t.me/BullishChannel to avoid disqualification.
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Wallet Address (MEW) *
Do not use wallet addresses from exchanges
Donations (Not mandatory)
This is not compulsory but this can help us speed up the transfer of BULLISH tokens to your wallet addresses. Help us cover gas fees. Send your donations to 0xb5096DD3Df123901A1C8D6D956B8B5CB0eb86fe4 and drop the transaction hash below. You will be rewarded. Thank you.
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