The Denim Beret Registration Form (all courses)
This is the registration form for The Denim Beret courses. By submitting this form, you agree with the following statements:

1. To the best of my knowledge, my student meets the criteria listed on the website page, entitled “Is The Denim Beret right for your student?”

2. I have read and agree to abide by "The Denim Beret Policies and Procedures." (See registration page.)

3. If I do not yet have a Google account with a Gmail email address, I understand that I will need one for myself and/or my student in order to begin The Denim Beret courses (mentoring excepted). I understand that the courses utilize Google apps, including Gmail, Drive, Hangout, and Classroom. (Note: It is helpful for each student to have a personal Gmail account to which the parent has password access.)

4. I agree to check my email frequently and read all correspondence from The Denim Beret. If my student has a Gmail account in addition to or instead of mine, I agree to support The Denim Beret in making sure my student is checking Classroom and email frequently and reading all correspondence.

5. I understand that if I register for a correspondence course or a la carte lessons, my student will have one full calendar year in which to complete his or her course work (with exceptions on a case-by-case basis). After that date, all teacher services will cease with no refund provided for any unused lessons. However, the remaining lessons will be provided so that I may complete them with my student at my convenience.

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