Mount Vernon Wrongful Conviction Review
The Exoneration Project is reviewing cases where people who were factually innocent were convicted of crimes in Mount Vernon, New York. If you or someone you know was factually innocent but nevertheless convicted of a crime -- whether as a result of a guilty plea or a conviction after trial -- please complete this form to the best of your ability.

The Exoneration Project will treat information submitted by you about your own case as privileged and confidential to the fullest extent required by the law and attorney ethical standards. If, however, you are submitting information about someone else's case, that information might not be subject to the attorney-client privilege and might be subject to disclosure. An attorney-client relationship will only be formed if we agree to take your case on and you agree to have us represent you and we sign a retainer agreement.
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Please explain what police and prosecutors say happened with respect to the charged crime. What kind of evidence played a role in the investigation and conviction?
Please explain what you think happened. Is there anyone you think was involved with the crime? Was there any misconduct by police officers in charge of the investigation? Anything else we should know?
Have you ever tried to challenge your conviction? If so, please describe.
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