2021 DPR Trail Races Wait List
Complete the form to be added to the wait list. When someone notifies us that they cannot run the event, we inactive them, which allows to open another spot.

We will allow registrations in the order which they are received on this list. You will receive an email from us when a registration is open along with a code for you to register with. We will also update this list to indicate who has registered and who is currently able to register, so please follow along.

The person who is marked as currently active to register will have 24 hours to do so; otherwise, they will be skipped to the next person. This is a living and breathing list, so pay attention, we will be updating it anytime during the day or evening, perhaps several times during the day depending on the speed of registrations.

NOTE: We open spots one at a time, not in groups. As a result, we will not hold out and wait for X number of spots to open before letting you know (this is for those who want to register only if their friend/family is able to).

Make sure to follow along and see your order on the wait list here: https://bit.ly/DPRWaitList
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