Template — Team Health Check: the Person/Team/Product model (survey)

Let's review how the team is doing! This is useful to have a higher level "pulse" of the team, on top of the larger organization-wide view. It's also a space for more general considerations on the way we work together.
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🔮 Before starting, take a moment to think about the three months we are referring to. Think about what you did, with whom, what happened, and how you felt. Might be useful to review briefly the projects you worked on by going through your P2 posts.
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Person *
Expectations: I know what’s expected from me at work
Agency: I feel I can take decisions and move forward
Effectiveness: I feel I’m delivering value to our users
Safe: I feel safe in sharing my thoughts
Growth: I feel I’m learning and growing
Lead: I feel cared for by the team lead
Team *
Listened: I feel listened in our team
Teamwork: I feel supported by my teammates
Feedback: I receive solid feedback from my team
Speed: the team works at a good speed, no delays
Fun: it’s a pleasure to work with the team
External Collaboration: we communicate well on projects with others
Product *
Focus: the vision of the product I’m working on is clear
Roadmap: there’s a clear roadmap for our product to succeed
Value: our product is delivering value to our users
User Centric: we focus on the users first
Processes: workflows are understandable and shared
Quality: our product is well built
At a team level, what can we do to improve your work?
Beyond the team, what can we do to improve your work?
Any other comment you'd like to add?
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