EWB Toronto Professional Chapter Membership Survey - 2020
The purpose of this survey is to learn more about the EWB community in the Toronto area, its members, and what you are hoping to gain from the EWB Toronto Chapter.

Please feel free to answer as many of the questions as you choose. Any information you can provide is appreciated.
Email address *
Email address
What type of information are you looking for from EWB? Is there something you wish EWB would share on its social media channels or website?
Things are a little different with COVID. How interested are you in the following:
Not at all
Book Suggestions
Podcast Suggestions
Volunteer Opportunities
Partnership/Incubator Information
Stories and spotlights on our members and their careers
Industry News
Virtual networking events
What EWB ventures are you interested in? Select all that apply. If other, please specify.
Are you interested in helping EWB Toronto host events or be a guest speaker for any of EWB's social media channels? This is a great way to network and get your name and brand out there.
Are you interested in volunteering with the EWB Toronto Chapter?
What day of the week would you attend virtual events? This may be virtual happy hours, paint nights, etc.
12:00 pm- 1:00 pm
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
What is your desired level of involvement with the EWB Toronto Professional Chapter? Select all that apply. If other, please specify.
Would you be interested in assisting with one of these portfolios within the EWB Toronto Professional Chapter? Select all that apply.
Educational/Professional Background (e.g. engineering, finance, healthcare, etc.). This helps us determine the type of content we hope to share with our members.
If you are an engineer, what type of engineer are you?
When/how did you learn about EWB? If other, please specify.
Clear selection
Prior involvement with EWB, if any
Anything else you'd like to add. Is there something you would like to see?
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