The GENDER Book Scholarship Form
Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in the GENDER book project! It has been something we have worked on with the community for years and we would love to make sure it gets into the hands of folks who need it most!

As you know, the book can be downloaded for donation on our website. But we planned ahead and set aside copies of the hardback book to be gifted to those who really can’t afford a printed copy of their own. There are many ways you can give back starting with just loving and sharing the book with others!

If you need a donated book, please answer the questions below on why you would like a book. This can help us to map the need. We will not publicly use your name, and it would be helpful to know the reach of the project. Thanks for answering the following questions for us! Please note that we will be reviewing need-based applications at the end of every month.

What is your name? *
What should we call you? Nicknames are a-okay!
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What will you do with your copy of the GENDER book? *
Tell us how you will use the book to share gender education so we can cheer you on.
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What is your age and background? *
Tell us a little about yourself and your financial need.
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Where will the book will be used? *
Where do you live? What kind of gender resources are there currently? Would you donate the book after reading? If so, where?
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Anything extra you would like to add?
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Can you offer to pitch in for shipping? *
It would helps us to donate more books to more people like you! It costs $6 for USA. If you're outside the US, we can help you find the cost, as it varies from country to country.
Where do you want the book shipped to? *
We will need a clear name and address that the United States Postal Service recognizes.
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What is your email? *
so we can keep in touch and follow up if you're chosen to receive a complimentary copy of the GENDER book.
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