Jordan Peterson's visiting fellowship, students' petition: Diversity, Inclusion and Free Speech
Jordan B. Peterson, a professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, was granted a two-month visiting fellowship at the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge. The initial offer was rescinded with the justification that Professor Peterson did not uphold the university's principles. In a further statement our vice-chancellor Professor Stephen Toope referred to a photograph of Peterson with his arm around a man wearing a shirt with a slogan "I am a proud Islamophobe". Toope emphasised that Cambridge is a community that values respect for all others, and that debate cannot occur 'when people are made to feel personally attacked, not for their ideas but for their very identity'. Peterson attempts to approach and engage in conversation with people on both extremes of the political spectrum. Peterson replied to the VC's statement stating that there is a large number of VIP ticket holders at his events, each of whom has 30 seconds to take a photograph with him, and that he was not aware of the slogan on the man's shirt.

In another statement, the vice-chancellor emphasises the importance of being 'open to diversity in all its forms – diversity of interests and beliefs, of gender, of religion, of sexual identity, of ethnicity, of physical ability'. The signees of this petition believe that a visit of Professor Peterson - whose views are considered contentious but are firmly rooted in a belief in the same values - is of interest to many of the University's students, and consequently in the interest of diversity, inclusion and free speech. Thus, the signees request that the university reconsider their rescindment, and that Peterson's application be considered on a purely academic basis.
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