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Mark DeGarmo Dance - MDD - offers performances, master classes, creative movement classes, and seminars tailored to the interests of your community.

ARTIST, SCHOLAR, RESEARCHER, WRITER, MASTER CLASS TEACHER IN RESIDENCE:  Mark DeGarmo's work investigates embodied imagination, improvisation, composition, and nonverbal ways of knowing. His trans-cultural transdisciplinary work examines the body as a medium to communicate.  His work at the Juilliard School, earning a PhD at Union Institute  & University, with dance & Indigenous communities in 13 countries, informs the work.

PERFORMANCE:  "LAS FRIDAS," a transcultural-transdisciplinary dance-theater duet inspired by the life and work of Mexican painter and revolutionary Frida Kahlo, is ready to engage with your institution in a variety of ways. "Las Fridas" allows for residencies and programs across your Performing and Visual Arts, Art History, Mexican and Latin American Studies and Spanish Language departments, LGBTQIA+ and Gender Studies, among others.

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