Impact evaluation survey
Please help us improve the project by completing this brief questionnaire.
1. Genre *
2. Age *
3. Which role does entrepreneurship play in the current economic crisis? *
4. Do you believe entrepreneurship to be an effective alternative for young unemployed people (especially long-term unemployed)? *
5. What is the main aspect for business creation? *
6. Do you think there are differences between entrepreneurship for young people and older people? *
7. Which is the main obstacle a Young person must face when launching a business? *
8. Do you believe that training in entrepreneurship will encourage youngsters to consider it as another option to access the labour market? *
9. With the outcomes obtained in the Project (Competence Profile, Guide of Good Practices, Training material on entrepreneurship) can we help young people who wish to become entrepreneurs? *
10. Finally, how do you value the development of projects like this one, addressed to improving competences in entrepreneurship for unemployed young people and VET trainers? *
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